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Scott is an accomplished professional singer for some of the world’s most notable composers and producers. His work includes studio sessions, live performances, songwriting, producing, and arranging. Recorded for over 50 feature films, TV episodes, and albums, clients rely on his superb sight-singing skills, flexibility, range, and attention to detail to capture exactly what their project demands.


Being a part of such elite sessions has given Scott the opportunity to glean from the very best in the industry and apply the same tactics and practices to his own projects. Beyond his work as a singer, Scott is also an award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. From singing and playing acoustic guitar as a featured performer on ABC’s Black-ish, to playing saxophone in an on-screen marching band, to sidelining as a ragtime pianist, Scott has shown his versatility and dexterity as a musician.


Regardless of the job, Scott always brings his entire self into the process, with positivity, energy, and excellence. Scott particularly enjoys collaborating with other artists and creators. He has seen success as a member of the alt-pop duo, Lord & Lady. Their "La La Land Medley" exploded on YouTube, amassing almost 5.5 million views. But now, Scott has been gaining momentous recognition as the solo artist, Vân Scott, and is poised to break out on a larger scale. With the release of his first full-length solo album, Almost Gone (AWAL / Oat Brand Music) on July 23, 2021, Scott’s ready to bring the spotlight directly onto himself and put his musical talent and songwriting skills front and center.